Friday, August 24, 2007

Newsline Statement on plant and office fire

At 3am on the 23rd of August the headquarters of Newsline Samoa Newspaper at Malifa was completely destroyed by fire, along with it, our printing press, editorial, marketing and accounts sections equipment, facilities, records and archives. This has been a huge loss to the Newsline family, staff, management and of course our readers and supporters.
It has been a devastating experience especially on the eve of the South Pacific Games, which we have so long prepared for. We will however not dwell upon our losses but rather concentrate on continuing the services of Newsline to Samoa.
We acknowledge the strong support from the community, our families, friends and especially our media colleagues both in Samoa, the region and international. Your words and gestures have been encouraging and inspiring, it has given us strength to move on, and persist in the face of adversity. Your support has reemphasized our duty to the community at large. We recognize our responsibility as a member of the fourth estate, to act as a guardian of public interest and promoters of free press. We shall endeavor to preserve this role, and we promise we will do it to the best of our abilities. We will not be silenced.
If you can bear with us while we pick up the pieces, we promise to fulfill this role which we so solemnly swore upon ourselves when we took up this profession.
Due to these unfortunate circumstances Newsline will now temporarily operate as a weekly Newspaper, published on Fridays until a time when we can re-continue with our tri-weekly editions. In the meantime all our latest news and stories will be available on our website which is a news service in partnership with SamoaLive. You can access our website through: or You can also access selected Newsline stories through the World Section of the New Zealand Herald website
On behalf of Publisher Pio Sioa, Financial Controller Maggie Sioa, our Journalists Astrid Sesega, Meghan Bonin, Charlina Tone and Tili AhKuoi, our Layout Artists, Printers and the rest of our staff I take this opportunity to thank you again for your faith in Newsline and express our hopes for your continued support. May free press continue to prevail in Samoa with or without impediments.


Cherelle Jackson
Newsline Samoa Newspaper