Thursday, August 09, 2007

PINA Board Resolutions

Present were: Vice President, Jonas Cullwick, Matai Akauola (Radio), Moses Stevens (Print), Antoine Malsungai (TV) & Cherelle Jackson (National Association), Makereta Komai (PINA Secretariat)

The PINA Board has unanimously resolved that:

In Media Freedom

* A mechanism be put in place to respond and address regional media freedom issues in a timely manner and with accuracy

*That the PINA Secretariat provide monthly media freedom updates of the region and quarterly updates of PINA activities

*PINA recognises the existence of blogs (weblogs) and personal online websites as an avenue for freedom of expression. PINA does not recognise personal blogs (unless otherwise accredited) as an official form of media or reliable information for use by journalists

*PINA endorses the establishment of the ‘Pacific Journalist Refuge Fund’, with the first donation made by Pacific Cooperation Foundation, New Zealand Human Rights Commission and PINA with encouragement to regional and international organisations to contribute.

PINA Training & MembershipActivities

*PINA to strengthen the capacity of National Media Associations by providing assistance and support for NMAs such as making available funds for in-country training and other initiatives

*PINA to provide members with ‘Certificate of Membership’ acknowledging their support and commitment to regional media development

* Establish a new membership category to be known as Online Media with the status of Associate Members to acknowledge the development of established web media in the region

* Actively pursue a membership drive in the region, especially members from French speaking countries and territories

* PINA to consider change of legal status. PINA is currently registered in Samoa

* PINA to revamp, enhance and upgrade the current PINA website to a more attractive, comprehensive and user friendly source of regional news and media information.

* Reaffirm the decision of PINA AGM decision in 2005 that March be the deadline for payment of membership fees

Human Resources

* Recognise the urgency to the immediate appointment of a Manager of the PINA Secretariat, to be advertised within the next two weeks

* Since the merger of the old PINA & PIBA into a new PINA in Nov 2004, this Board has now formalised contracts with the two PACNEWS journalists

* Set aside funds to refurbish the PINA Secretariat in Suva

Relationship Building & Partnership

* A Memorandum of Understanding be established with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) to formalise existing working relationship. PINA appreciates and continues to acknowledge the continued support of PIFS to the organisation.

* PINA also acknowledges the support of Pacific Co-operation Foundation & the New Zealand Human Rights Commission for their joint donation to establish a Pacific Journalist Refuge Fund. PINA looks forward to strengthening this co-operation

Agreed to and endorsed by all the PINA Board members present on Friday, 20 July, 2007, in Suva, Fiji.