Monday, September 04, 2006

Successful Training

The JAWS Training for Radio Journalist last week was great success. Journalists from both Radio and Print joined together to learn the art of making news bulletins. Trainer Jake Brown pointed out some of the dos and don'ts of radio news and encouraged participants to make their product interesting. The participants were taught several techniques to improve their news bulletins and attract listeners including pronunciation, the use of words and leading sentences. Mock bulletins were made and then reviewed by the participants to improve their outputs.
Jake expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the training and said he hopes to do more training of the same kind.
JAWS would like to thank NUSIT, Jake Brown and Rev Moli Moli.

Above left: Radio Journalists with Trainer Jake Brown and President of JAWS Papalii Taimalelagi.
Middle: Radio Journalists from Radio Polynesia and Showers of Blessings with their Trainer Jake.
Right: Journos hard at work.

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