Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First JAWS Seminar

JAWS will hold it's first Seminar on Wednesday this week at the Treasure Garden Conference Room. Below is the inviation to Journalists, Editors and News Workers to participate in this Seminar.

Seminar Details
Venue: Treasure Garden Conference Room
Time: 11:30am
Duration: 1 hour

Seminar Presentation: “What is Environmental Reporting?”
Invitation to Seminar

You are invited by the
Journalists Association of [Western] Samoa
to participate in the
Seminar: “What is Environmental Reporting?”

The Seminar will feature our Guest Speaker is Mr Jaap Jasperse, Editor and Publications Officer for SPREP.
Mr Jasperse has a Doctorate in Biology and a PhD in Communications Studies.
He was a Journalist for Farmer Magazine in New Zealand, then Editor of the Science Journal and his last post was as Science Publisher for the Department of Conservation.
Mr Jaap, better known as Iapi brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of Environment Reporting.
His presentation will attempt to answer the question: “What is Environment Reporting?” He will also speak on particular Environment Issues relating to Samoa and the Media.
All Journalists, Editors and News Workers are welcome to attend this Seminar.