Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trainer Profile: Jake Brown

JAWS Trainer for the Broadcast Training for Journalists Mr. Jake Brown is currently a Journalism lecturer at the National University of Samoa. He is in Samoa as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development. Jake’s Journalism career spans from the UK to Australia working with different aspects of the Broadcasting Industry.
Jake received his Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the City University London. His experience has seen him work for BBC radio as a producer and researcher, and later on as a Broadcast Journalist in commercial radio. Recently he has been freelancing in Australia.
His 10 years in Broadcasting has seen him involved with setting up community and university radio stations and running broadcasting summer schools for disadvantage teenagers. Since arriving in Samoa he’s been helping devise a Journalism Diploma course for the NUS and currently working towards creating a Polytech Student Radio Station, something we all look forward to as this will be the first of its kind.
Mr. Jake Brown is an Associate Member of JAWS.