Tuesday, December 26, 2006

JAWS boycott on STA lifted, Minister promises fair treatment of Journalists

The Journalists Association of [Western] Samoa Executive hereby announces an end to the boycott of all Samoa Tourism Events.
This is a result of a meeting between the JAWS Executive and Minister of Tourism Hon. Misa Telefoni on Thursday 23rd November 2006.
The Minister requested JAWS to end the boycott to signify the beginning of improved relations between the Media and STA.
The Minister expressed his regrets on the mistreatment of Journalists by STA.
“I thank JAWS for bringing this up, this means we can work on ways to improve the situation and create an understanding on the role of Journalists in STA events,” Misa said.
The Minister in partnership with JAWS have agreed to set up a working committee to look into possible solutions and recommendations to improve future relations between the Media and STA and to improve working conditions for Journalists during STA events.
The Committee will address all complaints made by Journalists in regards to mistreatment before, during and after Miss Samoa and Miss South Pacific 2006.
The Committee will consist of two members of JAWS to represent Journalists, two members of STA and Chaired by a neutral voice, the Ombudsman Hon. Maiava Iulai Toma.
JAWS and the Minister have agreed that the formation of this Committee is the first step towards ensuring that mistreatment of Journalists by STA will not happen again.
JAWS would like to thank Hon. Misa Telefoni for his understanding and appreciation of our need for fair treatment and for taking active steps to ensuring a move to the right direction.
The JAWS Executive promotes and encourages the fair treatment of Journalists in Samoa regardless of their age, gender and background.
JAWS will not tolerate the mistreatment of Journalists and we would like to express our disappointment at the recent incident involving a Sports Reporter and yet another CEO.
Freedom of the Press is an essential component in any Democratic Society and Samoa is no different.
The JAWS Executive would like to thank its members and supporters for believing in the role of the Media.
JAWS will always stand for and strive from Freedom of the Press in Samoa and worldwide.


JAWS Executive
Journalists Association of [Western] Samoa


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