Monday, November 13, 2006

Journalist denied entry to Miss South Pacific

Two members of the local media were denied entry into the Miss South Pacific pageant held in Apia last week. The Journalists who both work for local newspapers, and are well known to the local community were told to provide proof of employment by a Media outlet before they were issued Press Passes. After the organisers were directed to issues of the Newspapers, the Journalists were told to follow the CEO of the Samoa TOurism Authority around, so they can obtain authorisation to receive a Press Pass.
"There is no way I was going to spend a whole day following someone for a Press Pass," one Journalist said.
Asked weather all media had to go through the same process the two Journalists were told, they were the only two receiving such treatment.
STA has had a long history of being illusive to the media when it comes to Beauty Pageants. As there is much interest by the public on such events, local Journalists make it a point report on the event. This however has not been possible for some, as STA refuses to inform them of events and issue them Press Passes so they can report on events.
Four Journalists were also denied entry into Miss Samoa earlier this year, but were told they would be given Press Passes at the door.
JAWS has yet to meet on this issue but possible boycott of all STA events would be discussed.