Tuesday, March 28, 2006

JAWS talk elections at SGM

Yesterdays Special General Meeting participants took part in an active discussion on Elections reporting. For the first time, local Journalists came together to discuss this topic and many opinions and thoughts were shared including our rights as Journalists to vote, the risk of our work supporting a campaign, and the value fair and just reporting during the lead up to elections.
JAWS participant to the Elections Workshop in Suva presented a paper on his participation, however members questioned the selection process of his attendance. The Board admitted that the proper procedure was not observed and any future nominations would be disseminated accordingly.
The Secretary updated members on JAWS activities, which include the launch of this website, the May 3rd World Press Freedom Day and the June Freedom of Information Workshop.
Members were also treated with the presence of Jaap Jasperse, Editor and Publications Officer for SPREP who spoke on the SPREP Environmental Media Awards. Mr Jasperse encouraged members to submit entries to this Award from Samoan Journalists and Journalism students.
The meeting ended with refreshments an brief networking session amongst members.
Thank You to Peter Lomas for ensuring the presence of Samoa Observer Journalists, who turned up in full force yesterday.
Thank You to Nora for ensuring the participants of her Journalism students.
Gratitude to Gardenia, Molly and Lisa for assistance in the preparation of the conference room. This is a list of Participants in yesterdays SGM:
Taunuuga Toatasi - Savali
Tafaifa Pouafa - Savali
Lemalu Rosa Afamasaga - Savali
Terry Tavita - Savali
Angie Polu - Le Samoa
Lance Polu - Le Samoa
Keni Lesa - Editor Samoa Observer
Alan Ah Mu - Associate Editor Samoa Observer
Asenati T Semu - Samoa Observer
Leafao Malua Faafia - Samoa Observer
Lavai Ah Chong - Newsline
Lagi Keresoma - Newsline
Cherelle S Jackson - Editor Newsline Newspaper
Tiana - Event Polynesia
Tipi Autagavaia - Samoa International
Jaap Jasperse - SPREP Editor and Publications
Sadhana Sen - PIAS-DG, USP
Uale Papalii Taimalelagi - Press Secretariat
Gardenia Elisaia-Brighouse - Press Secretariat
Molly - Press Secretariat
Lisa - Press Secretariat

Marianive Sulutolu - Journalism Student NUS-IOT
Penisula Leautuli - Journalism Student NUS - IOT
Theresa As Lan - Journalism Student NUS - IOT
Ioane Tupai - Journalism Student NUS - IOT
Minoi Tanuvasa - Journalism Student NUS - IOT