Monday, March 30, 2009

List of Activities for 2009 AGM

List of Activities for Year 2008
February: JAWS/SPREP Seminar on Coral Reefs (PYOR)
March: JAWS issues statement on Russell Hunter deportation
April: Pacific Human Rights Media Conference in Samoa
April: JAWS Pacific Media Cocktail
April: JAWS Public Relations Training by Geoff Hodinott
May: JAWS Editors and Senior Journalists Forum
May: JAWS WPFD Fun Walk
September: JAWS Informal Meeting with IFJ in Australia
October: JAWS/SPREP Climate Change Seminar
October: Pacific Climate Change Roundtable Media Conference
November: JAWS / IFJ Statement on Police Inquiry limitations
December: JAWS/NUS/UQ Online Press Conference