Monday, April 07, 2008

SPREP Director urges media awareness

By Justin Faafia

The Director of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) last week urged the media to assist in creating awareness on the Pacific Year of the Reef (PYOR) commemoration.
Mr. Asterio Takesy said: “The PYOR is a medium that we are choosing to highlight a message to the people to region and to world and large, reef is an important component of life in the Pacific.”
He urged: “We are asking you to help us to carry that message, through the use of the powerful tool such as the media. To encourage you to help us to carry the message by using the powerful tool that you are.”
The Director was speaking at the Journalists Association of [Western] Samoa (JAWS) and SPREP media training for PYOR.
“In SPREP we value the human network established throughout the region and internationally. The role of media for our work is crucial, there is no way that we can carry out the environmental work that we are doing without the help of the media,” Takesy said.
The media, according to him is a component of a democratic society.
“Our members are democratic governments, territories, independent countries, metropolitans and small island states,” he said.
According to Takesy the media is a means of carrying the messages to and from the people SPREP hopes to help through advice and technical assistance.
Although aware of the benefits of the media, Takesy also cautioned saying: “I want to emphasize that one component of the media important to us and that is responsible reporting, accurate reporting and factual reporting, what you will be reporting on is information that will be given to you by experts and from your own background and research, we encourage you to please contribute to help us raise awareness.”

-Newsline Samoa Newspaper